Propositions on state-wide ballot pass despite low voter turn-out


Tuesday at the polls, seven propositions passed on a state-wide ballot, but not many voters showed up to cast a vote. Of the nearly 16 million registered voters in Texas, less than 6 percent participated. In Gonzales County, where there are nearly 12,000 registered voters, less than 3 percent cast a ballot.
Proposition 1: Homestead exemption for partially donated homes of disabled veterans
Prop. 1 broadens the scope of homestead ad valorem tax exemption for any disabled veteran or spouse.
State wide 749,292 voters were in favor of the proposition and 122,034 voters were against it. In Gonzales Co. There were 286 votes to the affirmative and 39 votes against the proposition.
Proposition 2: Revising home equity loan provisions
Prop 2 prescribes conditions, fees, refinancing options and eligibility for home equity loans. State wide 588,457 voters were for the amendment while 269,223 voted against it. Gonzales Co. Saw 224 yay votes and 103 nays.
Proposition 3: Limiting terms for certain appointees of the governor
Prop. 3 limits the service of certain gubernatorial appointees after expiration of term. Across the state 717,560 voters cast ballots in favor of this amendment and 145,470 were against it. In Gonzales Co. 273 voters cast a yes and 50 cast a no.
Proposition 4: Court notice to attorney general of constitutional challenge to state laws
Prop. 4 relates to notice requirements to the Attorney General regarding challenge to constitutionality. State wide 549,550 voters voted in favor of the amendment while 304,553 voted against it. In Gonzales Co. 233 voters were in favor of the proposition and 88 were against it.
Proposition 5: Amending eligibility requirements for sports team charitable raffles
Prop. 5 permits additional professional sports team charitable foundations to conduct raffles. State wide 507,035 votes were cast in favor of the amendment and 333,258 were cast against it. In Gonzales County 163 voted in favor if the proposition while 160 voted no.
Proposition 6: Homestead exemption for surviving spouses of certain first responders
Prop. 6 provides homestead exemption the surviving spouse of a first responder killed in the line of duty. Across the state 734,133 voters agreed to the amendment while 133,336 voters cast a nay. In Gonzales County 268 votes were in favor of the amendment and 57 were against it.
Proposition 7: Authorizing Legislature to allow banks to hold raffles promoting savings
Prop. 7 permits financial institutions to award random prizes to customers, to encourage savings. State wide 507,947 voters agreed to the amendment and 343,253 were in disagreement. In Gonzales County 180 voters were in favor of the amendment while 143 voted against it.