Letter to the Editor

Questions on the Gonzales Youth Center


Dear Editor,
I want to say how great the staff at the Gonzales Youth Center is. The kids seem to really like them. I have some questions about the website information and the Board.

  1. Why does the site say kids 12-15 years, kids from 5-12 grade should be able to go?
  2. Why is secret Santa still listed, we don’t have that here anymore?
  3. Why is financial planning, babysitting and parenting, cooking, sewing, career planning, drug prevention listed? This is all taught in school.

The kids just got out of school, they don’t want to go again.
Service projects are great, but shouldn’t the kids have some input there?
Doing crafts can be fun, but should not be a requirement.
This is a great place for kids to hang out after school in a safe place and relax, play games, talk with their friends.
My last questions is about the Board of Directors.

  1. Who is on the board?
  2. How long is their term?
  3. How are they appointed?
  4. Why are they not listed on the Youth Center website with contact information?
  5. Do they ever come to the Center when the kids are there and talk to them?

Kathy Boyd