Reader gives props to local restaurant


I am writing this letter to thank the owners and staff of GG’s restaurant for their generosity, kindness and patriotism. My wife and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at GG’s on Armed Forces Day, at their expense, simply because I had served in the armed services of our country. Although I am proud of the fact I was able to serve my country, by no means do I consider it something extraordinary or worthy of special attention. Yet the owners and staff at GG’s made me feel as though I was a hero. The service and attention of the wait staff, the expertise of the cooks and the generosity of the owners made our meal very special and memorable.

So I want to thank GG’s publicly, although somewhat belatedly. Thank you for your generosity, but thank you even more for your patriotism. We live in an age when we often see more criticisms of our country than compliments. However, GG’s showed appreciation beyond the norm to honor those who serve our country.

GG’s, you have earned not only my thanks, but my respect, as well.

Lynn Wilson