Rob Brown: Giving back


Brown is a 1979 Gonzales graduate. After a career outside of town, he returned 10 years ago with his wife, Lisa.


Why did you decide to run for mayor?

“This has been an ongoing subject for about a year. Friday I made the decision, the last day at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. As a result of my return to Gonzales, I've renewed my love and respect for this great city we call home. I feel an obligation to the city of Gonzales to step up to the plate and take a swing. It's time, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines and watching the game go by.”

“One of my goals is to bring my 30-plus years of experience in business management, team building, efficiency initiatives, and unity to the position of mayor and to the administration of Gonzales. I recognize the fact that right now, we're a divided community. However, I think that we all desire the same result. All we want is the ultimate goal of prosperity for the city.”

“The current thing that's dividing the city is the rollback. That's first and foremost what's on everybody's mind right now.”

“I think the perception out there in the community is transparency. We're not sure the path that we're going down. We're aware of the deficiencies in our infrastructure and the age. The rollback has brought a lot of that out. So I think there's more awareness of the challenges that are facing us right now. My whole point is that I think I'm better suited to unify and bring things together and listen to the community. This is a non-partisan election. It's my obligation as the prospective mayor to listen to each and every one of our citizens and each and every one of our business owners and listen to them and understand their needs and their concerns. I think that can make a big impact.”


What do you want to accomplish if elected?

“Due to the sheer magnitude of the multiple challenges that Gonzales faces in my mind, all of the issues are equally important. First and foremost is to bring unity to an otherwise divided community. It's my obligation as a citizen, as a candidate, to be non-partisan and to listen to everyone. Secondly, I would really like to see some resolution in the J.B. Wells litigation. And I'd like to also facilitate long-range planning. Good, strategic planning that will bring us to a place of prosperity. None of this happened overnight, so it will take time to dig ourselves out. The only way you can do it is with strategic planning and to get our financial stability back in order.”


Why are you qualified to be mayor?

“First and foremost is my desire to facilitate growth and prosperity of Gonzales. I have 30-plus years of corporate America background. I understand and truly desire the need for synergy at city hall. To accomplish anything, synergy is the key. I bring that to the table. I've been successful in my corporate life because I've been able to build teams, good teams, and that provides synergy to work toward a common goal.”

“Leadership doesn't come from a title. Leadership comes from actions. It's what you can take your resources, put them together, and come up with a common goal.”


On the rollback election:

“This is a highly volatile subject. So with that said, I realize the need and a want and a desire for our revenue stream to increase. However, I also realize the painful concerns of the citizens of this town with the subject of raising taxes. So as prospective mayor, I'm going to go back to what I've been saying, it's my obligation to listen to everyone as a non-partisan mayor, to listen to every one of those concerns with respect to the rollback. On March 16, at the end of the day, the citizens will have spoken. That's a fact. This is how democracy works. And I thank God every day that I am a part of democracy. However, after that, based on the outcome of the rollback, it will be my obligation as prospective mayor, or mayor, to assist and facilitate a strategic plan to make sure that we resolve any of our financial challenges and anything that will prohibit us from moving forward and into the future with prosperity. So that is my answer.”


Have you previously held an elected office?

“No I have not. However, I have several board appointed positions. My candidacy for mayor is strictly because of my desire to facilitate the prosperity of this city and its people. That's all I care about.”


How many council meetings have you attended within the past year?

“Last 12 month period: four or five.”


What will it take to win?

“I've got to see [the voters]. They've got to see me, they've got to say hello to me. This is a personal thing. This election is personal with respect to everyone that's going to vote out there. And it's really really important in my estimation that people vote. No matter who they elect, that's who is representing them for the long-term. This is your opportunity to have a say.”

“My message is in my bio. And it's on social media. I believe in this great town. We are one community. We're one. Let's work toward all of these solutions as one. Our heritage is that we pull together in this community for what's right. So let's make our ancestors proud and let's do that again. That's what's needed.”


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