Sales tax revenue in April up from 2018


Sales and use tax revenue in Gonzales County during April 2019 are up 35.47 percent from the previous year. Gonzales County pulled in $185,201.11 in April 2019, compared to $136,704.15 allocated in April 2018. The county has seen $734,786.79 in sales tax revenue so far this year, a 21.69 percent increase from 2018’s numbers.

The cities of Gonzales, Nixon and Smiley also saw higher sales tax revenue in April 2019 compared to the previous year. Gonzales pulled in $233,867.04, Nixon did $31,223.06 and Smiley had $3,973.06 in April 2019. Waelder saw a decrease in revenue from 2018, pulling in $3,580.17 this April.

So far this year, Gonzales raised $921,446.16, Nixon raised $108,317.57, Waelder raised 16,217.43 and Smiley raised $13,217.43. Gonzales and Smiley have seen an increase in revenue to date from 2018, with 9.79 percent and 70.77 percent respectively. Nixon and Waelder have seen a decrease of 8.24 percent and 7.66 percent from the previous year so far.

Shiner pulled in $28,878.58 this past month up 9.75 percent from April 2018’s 26,313.00. Luling earned $131,261.65 in April, up 44.12 percent from the previous April’s $91,073.34. Year to date, Shiner has pulled in $133,634.70 up 27.55 percent from April 2018. Luling has raised $444,055.26 up 12.84 percent from the previous year to date.