Schroeder, Schurig contested in Gonzales council election


GONZALES — The Gonzales City Council seats of District 1 Councilman Gary Schroeder and District 2 Councilman Tommy Schurig are up for re-election in May.

Schroeder filed candidacy paperwork last week. Schurig filed his packet last month.

As of close of business Friday, two opposing candidates had filed paperwork to run against Schroeder and Schurig in the upcoming Gonzales election. Mike Hanson will be running against Schroeder for the District 1 seat while James Kelly will contest Schurig for the District 2 seat.

District 1 hopeful Mike Hanson said his top priority, if elected, is to keep city decision making local.

“Accepting money from the federal government always comes with strings attached,” Hanson said. “That includes the federal surveillance cameras on our streets, the toll roads, expensive and ineffective Homeland Security programs and the unconstitutional USA Patriot Act.”

Last week, Schroeder said he pondered whether or not he would even file his paperwork for re-election.

“I have not been real happy with what has been going on,” Schroeder said. “The thing to do is not to get out of it because I am unhappy but to stay in and try to fix what is broke.”

Schroeder said he has worked with council through many challenges and wants to see the job through until the end.

“Hard times are upon us but I still see some good times ahead and I would like to be there,” he said. “I am going to be out of this position one day and I would like to be remembered as someone who did something for this city and if I left right now I feel like I would be leaving a job unfinished.”

District 2 Councilman Tommy Schurig filed to keep his seat on the dais last month.

“Things are looking up; much better than they have in last couple of years,” Schurig said. “We have a good team together and we are looking forward to the future of Gonzales. I am glad to be on the ‘recovery team’ to get us back on track where we should be.”

Both Schroeder and Schurig were first elected in 2013.

District 2 contender James Kelly was unavailable for comment as of press time.