Shiner Sea Salt & Lime to be previewed at Beer Festival


The Gonzales Inquirer Craft Beer Festival is excited to announce that they will have the new smash Shiner beer Sea Salt & Lime at this weekend’s Festival.

Shiner made the announcement earlier this week they were going to preview the new Sea Salt & Lime in Gonzales, four days before it will be released to the general public.

“I am excited and pleased to announce that Shiner has released two special kegs of the new hit beer Shiner Sea Salt & Lime to serve at the Craft Beer Festival in Gonzales over this weekend,” said David Hartman, owner of Hartman Distributing in Victoria, Texas and the distributor of Shiner Beer in Gonzales County. “The brewery had embargoed sale of the new Sea Salt & Lime until after May 1, 2018, but a trial in east central Texas caused such a frenzy that they wanted to reward their friends, employees and customers in Gonzales with an opportunity to taste the new hot-selling Sea Salt Lime before it went on sale statewide.”

Craft Beer Festival coordinator Terry Fitzwater was ecstatic with the news.

“All I can say to Shiner is ‘Thank you!’’’ Fitzwater gushed when asked about the breaking news. “I have heard rumors about this beer and the feeding-frenzy going on over the release of Sea Salt & Lime, but I didn’t think we would be able to have it on our menu this weekend.

“When David called me with the news that we were being singled out to launch the new product, I was ecstatic. Shiner has really stepped up to make this inaugural event a success, and I can’t thank them enough.”

Shiner Sea Salt & Lime will be available at both the VIP night on Friday night and at the Craft Beer Festival on Saturday. VIP tickets are $50 for both days, while Saturday only tickets are just $25.

For more information, contact the Gonzales Inquirer at 830-672-2861 or on the weekend at 517-930-1368.