Shakespeare today

Camp Shakespeare returns to a battered but not broken Crystal


The rains that got this week off to a soggy start should set a good mood for today's performance in the Crystal Theatre. Some of William Shakespeare's best works require a little gloom, but now that the sun has returned, it is the perfect setting for “The Comedy of Errors,” which features some of Gonzales' youngest actors at 3:30 p.m. today at the town's lone performance space.

Currently, the theater itself looks the part of Shakespeare's home theatre, The Globe, with its exposed wooden rafters due to a bit of remodeling after the recent hail storm. But no worries, says theatre director Barbara Crozier, for the talent is fresh and trained and ready to impress this small-town crowd.

The second best part about today's performance? It's free. 
To recap: three Gonzales students have been away this week at the prestigious Shakespeare at Winedale theatre camp up in Fayette County. Ben DeMent, Avalon Palm, and Danny Blair have been at the University of Texas led instructional camp learning all about their parts and the finer points of stage acting from veteran thespians. Today is when they make their hometown debut with all their new friends from the week.

The Crystal Theatre is celebrating a couple of milestones. First, the current incarnation of the theatre is celebrating its 35th year. Its summer acting and performance workshop is crossing the 25 year mark, and the Shakespeare Ninja troupe is turning 8. This summer has proved challenging, with the hail damage requiring a new roof replacement and now the complete tear out of the old ceiling — which is why you will notice the exposed wood and duct work today — but the kids, teachers, directors, and parents all have been working overtime to make sure that another summer Shakespeare season goes off without a hitch.

For as they say, the show must go on!