Shiner establishes new building permit fee rules


Residential builders in Shiner will no longer be charged building permit fees based on property value or cost of construction, but rather based per square foot. In accordance with the newly signed into law H.B. 852, Shiner city council restructured its fee schedule June 3 to charge per square foot for the different types of residential permits.

For buildings between zero to 2,000 square feet the city will charge $200. For everything over 2,000 square feet the city will charge $500.

Other news from the meeting:

  • H&C Construction and Mercer Construction quotes were tabled. Both included infrastructure fixes. The Leroy’s Plumbing project for sewer to judging building in park was green lit.
  • Two Shiner ISD hosted cross country meets on September 21 and October 5 in Green Dickson Park were approved. Councilmember Gregory Murrile, who also serves as Shiner Elementary principal, abstained from the vote.
  • A donation request from Hallet Oak Foundation Inc. was denied.
  • A petitioned street closure was approved
  • Resolution 2019-003 of the City of Shiner to close a portion of Wagner Street in the Mraz addition was approved.
  • A city-owned 1989 Chevrolet pick-up truck is out for bids.
  • The proposed development off Prince Albert Street was tabled for next meeting.
  • Proclamation designating June 14, 2019 as National Flag Day by the KJZT Society #5 Shiner was signed.
  • Lavaca County Tax Assessor-Collector Deborah A. Sevcik was appointed to calculate Shiner’s 2019 tax roll.