Special election turnout


I sat as a clerk in Precinct 2 & 11 for the Constitutional Amendment Special Election. I am sorry to say that we only garnered 38 votes at our polling place. That is about the same as the story state wide.
One of the things we heard from voters was they were unaware there was even an election until the last moment. I can see how that could happen. Being out of town when it was in the newspaper I also was not aware until early voting started that we were having an election. We do need for our newspaper and the county clerk to keep informing the public and hope that that will help to get people to come to the polls and have their voices heard. Voting should always be front page news in a small town like Gonzales.
An explanation of what voting for or against amendments means is also needed as part of the story. How can we have good government when only 6% of the voting public takes the time to vote. Is it apathy? Is it being uninformed? or is there some other reason. I would encourage everyone to think about what could have happened and discuss it with your Government. Your friends, your family, or anyone else you can think of or we will forever be controlled by those that do the voting while the other 94% seems to just not care until it affects their life or livelihood. We need to do better if we are to ever really have GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, AND BY THE PEOPLE.
I still believe people register to vote because they care and maybe we will get better outcomes if they are better informed. I hope this does not happen in the March Primary Elections coming up in 2018.

Kenneth Mosher Sr.