Letter to the Editor

Taking pride in cleaning up Gonzales


While volunteering to clean up trash along the highway near JB Wells, I was honored to see our Gonzales Tourism Director Clint Hille pull up. He promptly jumped out of his truck, grabbed garbage sacks and began assisting. In all my years of service and volunteerism, I have never before felt so proud to be part of such an amazing community. In addition to Clint, we had three (3) Gonzales Noon Lion's Club members, two (2) Boy Scouts from troop #263, four (4) Crystal Theater Ninjas and one (1) first grader (dragged along by her service-zealous mother no doubt) out in the hot afternoon sun taking pride in keeping Gonzales attractive for our tourism guests.

Thank you for keeping Gonzales beautiful!

Tiffany Hutchinson-Padilla