TCEQ finds particles in water are non-toxic Polypropylene


GONZALES — The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality was in Gonzales all last week working with the city to determine the cause of particulate matter found in the city's drinking water.

According to Interim City Manager and Superintendent of Public Works Tim Patek, the black particulates originated from baffle mats in Storage Tank No. 2.

Patek said the baffles are made from a material called Polypropylene, which is not classified as a toxic, or harmful material. Patek assured that even swallowing incidental small amounts of polypropylene is non-hazardous.

"The City of Gonzales is pleased to have been able to work with TCEQ to quickly discover the source of the particulates in our city water supply and will continue to work with the commission in the future to ensure residents have the best drinking water possible," Patek said. "When TCEQ left Gonzales last Friday we were headed toward a resolution and I expect a full report from TCEQ in the next two weeks."

Patek said the City of Gonzales is currently implementing a plan to change out the baffles and fully resolve the particle problem as soon as possible.