Texas Lions Camp to welcome campers in June


Texas Lions Camp, situated on 500 acres in the Texas hill country’s Kerrville, is a facility dedicated to serving Texas children between the ages of seven and 16 who are burn survivors, or living with cancer, Type I (juvenile) diabetes and other disabilities. To date the Texas Lions Camp has served nearly 70,000 children.

Texas Lions camp offers the children classes in: swimming, photography, music, pedal boating, canoeing, golf, arts and crafts, ceramics, sports, radio, basketball, horsemanship, archery, theater, nature and much more. Allowing them to participate in “normal” summer-camp activities, scaled to their specific needs.

Every day is completely structured, from the 7:30 a.m., Rise and Shine, until 10 p.m. at Lights Out. Each day campers participate in a flag raising ceremony after breakfast, then, they lower the flags before dinner. Between those two ceremonies the campers each participate in five different activities, have lunch and even make time for a rest period.

Diabetic campers have a daily "Med Ed" class and work monitoring and injection times into their schedule.

Each year Texas Lions Camp invites children from all over the state to participate in one of nine week-long sessions this summer, including specialty camps for burn survivors, children with epilepsy and children with down syndrome and children with cancer.

Camp sessions begin on June 10. Applications are need to be turned in as soon as possible. If you would like to help send a child to Texas Lions Camp contact Loretta Shirley at 830-263-0991, or any Gonzales Noon Lions Club member. For more information about the camp go to Lionscamp.com.


Session 1        June 10-16, 2018     Children with Physical Disabilities

Session 2        June 17-23, 2018     Children with Physical Disabilities

Session 3        June 24-30, 2018     Children with Physical Disabilities

Session 4        July 1-7, 2018           Children with Physical Disabilities

Session 5        July 8-14, 2018         Children with Physical Disabilities/Camp Neuron - Epilepsy Foundation of Texas

Session 6        July 15-21, 2018       Children with Down syndrome/Camp David, Texas Burn Survivors Society

Session 7        July 22-28, 2018       Camp Discovery for children with Cancer

Session 8        July 29-August 4, 2018        Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Session 9        August 5-11, 2018    Children with Type 1 Diabetes