Letter to the Editor

Thankful for Gonzales hospitality


I happened to be in Gonzales Sunday night to pick up my youngest daughter's puppy so that I could keep it while she vacations. My daughter, who lives in Austin, and I, who live in Victoria, met at Independence Park to eat and visit.
While we were sitting there, after eating, a young man approached our table and said that he had cooked too much food for his family and asked if we would like to have some of it. We told him that we had just finished eating but thanks for asking. I thought to myself, what a nice person to walk the 25 or 30 yards over to us, complete strangers, and offer us food.
About 20 minutes later, the young man and a female friend came back holding Styrofoam bowls and said " I know you said you had eaten, but I want y'all to have some food to take home." We accepted the food and thanked him for the potato, chicken, sausage and more dish. I'll be eating in for the rest of the week.
What a great community you have, to produce such a generous and kind person who would reach out to strangers and share with them.
I didn't catch his name, but I would like to say to him once again, "Thank You. You are an outstanding person and a credit to your community."

John Streetman
Victoria, Texas