Publisher’s Perspective

Thankful for inaugural festival support


The Gonzales Inquirer’s inaugural Craft Beer, Wine and Art festival is rapidly approaching, and plans continue to move forward. Ten different brew lines, 12 wineries, numerous artists and plenty of vendors are ready to descend on Gonzales next weekend. Please pray for good weather.

But a festival of this magnitude could never be accomplished without the help of a number of people. I would like to single out Marlene Metzler, the owner of the Running M, for all of the hard work and support she has given in helping me navigate my way through the bureaucratic waters. She has been very kind, and I just wanted to publicly thank her.

I would also like to mention Clint Hille, the city of Gonzales’ tourism director who has done yeoman work on the wine and art side of the festival. Due to Clint’s efforts, the square should be packed and full of vigor and enthusiasm next weekend. Well done sir.

But I would also like to thank all of the many people who have come forward to offer their help, support and kind words over the course of this project. People like David Stewart of David Stewart Trucking who jumped in as a sponsor and then helped find some other people to get involved. People like Doreen Fink and Randy Poppelz, who jumped in and said: “We’ll volunteer—we’re glad to help.” Without them next weekend would never be possible.

I am feeling very humbled and awed by what this community has come together to do and accomplish. From me to you, thank you very much Gonzales!

On a separate note, it was fun to walk around downtown Gonzales on Saturday during the Main Street City Wide Yard Sale. I got to meet some really nice people like Suzanne Sexton and her children and Pastor Jesse Elizondo of the Two Rivers Bible Church. Whenever you run into smiling faces of good people who are doing good work it always brightens your day.

With all that said, man I am starting to feel stressed out about pulling everything together for next week. My phone line is burning up, I think I am getting carpal tunnel from all of the emails and texts I have been sending out, and my blood pressure must be completely out of whack.

But it’s all for a good cause — people are coming from Houston, Dallas, Lake Jackson, Sealy and other points so it should be a great weekend for us. In fact, the Dilworth Hotel is already sold out for next Friday and Saturday — and that is a good thing.

I look forward to seeing everyone next weekend, and again thank you for your help and support.