Publisher’s Perspective

The times are changing at The Gonzales Inquirer


It should come as no surprise that the turning of the page on the calendar from 2017 to 2018 promises lots of changes for our readers in the coming year. It also means a lot of changes are coming to your local source of information, The Gonzales Inquirer. Hopefully, you the reader will like the direction these changes are leading us to.

The most immediate change everyone will see starts with the printing of this edition of The Inquirer. Going forward, your local newspaper will be printed once a week with a publishing dateline of Thursday. In order to keep up with the changing media environment, we are moving from a twice weekly paper to the once-a-week version. In return, we will be offering up more robust online content that is both timely and more relevant. Look for those online and digital changes in the very near future.

You will also notice a couple of other changes in the first weekly edition of The Gonzales Inquirer.

Starting with today’s edition, we are making a much more focused effort as its relates to local news and local features. In the future, our readers will see a lot more stories on the interesting people, places and things to do in Gonzales and the surrounding area. It is our belief that you want to read about you and your neighbors, so we are rededicating ourselves to that brand of coverage.

We have also redesigned our editorial page to make it cleaner, more readable, and more easy to navigate. You will notice on the bottom of the page a directory of staff employees and how to get in touch with us. Please send us a note, or call and let us know your suggestions, ideas, or opinions. After all, we are here to serve Gonzales and we want to know what you want.

You will also notice a new Entertainment page that talks about things to do, places to visit, and what’s happening in our area. We have heard suggestions from many of you that you want more of that in our paper, so today is our first step in trying to fill out that void in our coverage. Over the next few months, the readers of The Gonzales Inquirer will see more and more of this type of content, with some exciting online changes as well.

We are also beefing up our page count to get more information into the weekly edition. We want to provide more local news, features and sports all in one edition—and we hope it meets with your approval.

Finally, we have even lowered some of our subscription rates to reflect the change in publication frequency.

Accordingly, please take note that we are changing some of our deadlines. Advertising, classifieds and news releases will now have a deadline of Tuesday at noon. The paper will actually be printed on Wednesday afternoon, and it is possible that some area newsstands will have the paper on the street Wednesday night. But locally, it will be available everywhere on Thursday morning.

More importantly, this is an invitation to each and every one of you to reach out to us and let us know what you want, what you are interested in, and how we can help and serve you.

Drop by our office at 622 St. Paul Street, or give us a call 672-2861 and tell us your suggestions.

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to talking to you.