Letter to the Editor

There is only one race, the human race



Labels labels, it seems that we always want to assign labels to everyone. Whether it is race, religion, political party, or other associations people seem to want to label it and diss the people that do not fit their view of ideas and race. For one I believe that there is only one race on this earth, and it is the HUMAN race. We live in a country that prides itself in freedom of religion and thought but then divide people into little boxes to say they are wrong. Of course those people think of themselves as always right.

We need to respect everyone's ideas and just because you think they are wrong does not make it so. If we cannot see both sides of an issue how can anyone ever reach a compromise position?

I would encourage everyone to go to You Tube on their computers and search the video by Carl Sagan titled The Pale Blue Dot. Carefully listen to his words as he describes this earth and the universe. It is an eye opener that should be seen by everyone in this world. It would be a good idea if you told everyone in your circle of contacts to see the same video and send it to their contacts and just maybe we could change the way the world thinks and set the stage for compromise rather than labels.

Kenneth Mosher Sr.

Gonzales, Texas