Third new EMS board member appointed

Alternate member also selected


Gonzales County Emergency Services District No. 1 (ESD) board conditionally selected Kevin Pirkle as the third member of the recently-reformed three member Gonzales County Emergency Medical Services and Rescue (EMS) board. Pirkle previously served on the EMS board when it was 11 members.  

In the event Pirkle is unable to attend an EMS meeting, the ESD selected Frank Wallace as an alternative EMS board member. Wallace also previously served on the 11-person board. As of July 16, all other former EMS board members have been relieved of their duties. Some of the previous members had been on the EMS board since the group’s inception in 1974.

Pirkle and Wallace join Commie Hisey and Johnnie Hall as the members of the new three-member EMS board. Hisey and Hall also serve as board members for the ESD.

Other news from the meeting:

  • No public comments were given.
  • Minutes from the June 20, 2019 and July 11, 2019 meetings were approved, June financial statements were accepted as is and bills were paid.
  • Activity and financial reports for Gonzales County Emergency Medical Services and Rescue were presented and accepted as is.
  • Before dissolving the new EMS board—which will not happen until all outstanding EMS bills have been paid—the EMS board will make sure to set aside money for directors and officers liability coverage for former board members.
  • A one-year, $1 per month lease agreement at 305 Qualls Street was accepted. A written lease is needed for the ESD to obtain a provider’s license.
  • Pending approval from Eddie Escobar, attorney at Reese and Escobar, LLP, the board voted to accept a billing contract.