This month in Gonzales history


Editor’s Note: The second half of this column will run next week.


  • November, Mason Thomas T. Blackwell died, causing creation of Masonic Cemetery in 1849


  • Nov. 10, Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Lodge Number 38 formed
  • Nov. 19, reportedly four “lodges” active: Odd Fellows, Masons, Sons of Temperance, Debating Society


  • Nov. 1, Brick and Tile Company, a new industry, located on east side of Guadalupe River, (Block 1, Lot 1 and north half of lot 2.) Owned by Jobe & Dickson.
  • Nov. 1, article written about Gonzales history lists the first Alcaldes: 1828 – Fielding Porter, then James B. Patrick who held the office until 1832, then James C. Davis. Andrew Ponton took the office and served until 1836.
  • Nov. 1, census report for town: 1850 – 307, 1860 – 1703, 1870 – 1255, 1880 - 1581
  • Nov. 1, Gonzales High School being built (later became Central Ward Elementary), on College Street between St. Louis and St. Lawrence Streets - architect, J.Riely Gordon
  • Nov. 28, Thanksgiving Day. The corner stone for the new high school is laid in a Masonic ceremony.


  • Nov. 26, an editorial declares that property owners should keep their sidewalks in good order for the safety of the citizens. It is not the business of the Council to do this, but the property owner.
  • Nov. 26, the finishing touches were given the new pews in the Methodist Church last week. They are more comfortable and are arranged in a half-circle. Mr. George Ward designed and built the pews.


  • Nov. 9, the first cotton seed oil was pressed out in Gonzales on Nov. 7 at Gonzales Cotton Oil and Manufacturing Company.
  • Nov. 21, Mr. Bowyer and J.R. Pennington shipped eighteen barrels of dressed turkeys to California, packed in ice