This month in Gonzales history - Part 2


Editor’s Note: This the second half of a history column that ran last week.



  • Nov. 11, yesterday Fred Meisenhelder commenced the building of a new Presbyterian manse to be erected on the site of the manse that burned in July.
  • Nov. 18, neat white mattings are being put down on office floors in the courthouse because the stone floors are so cold in the winter.
  • Nov. 18, Frank Teich, future sculptor for the Confederate monument, placed a family monument for Miss Emma Fischer in the Masonic cemetery where she and her family are buried.
  • Nov. 18, the contract to build the fence around the courthouse has been awarded to A.O. Newman. The cement foundation will be twelve inches deep, a foot thick, and 28 inches tall. An ornamental iron fence will be on top with the combined height being forty-two inches and the cost about $1500.


  • Nov. 14, the Honorable William Jennings Bryan will speak at the Opera House on Nov. 23 at 9:30 a.m. under the sponsorship of the Mothers Club.
  • Nov. 21, many local businesses advertise that they will close from 9:30 to 11:30 on the 23rd so that everyone may attend the W.J. Bryan lecture at that time. Tickets are selling fast at $1 for a seat on the floor and $.050 for a balcony seat.
  • Nov. 23, Mr. Bryan was picked up in Harwood by a caravan of local citizens in automobiles. He was housed at the Plaza Hotel. Portions of his speech were printed in the Inquirer. It ended with “Speed the day when the badge of disgrace be put upon the idler.”
  • Nov. 25, cement foundation for new Catholic Church laid by contractor A.O. Newman.
  • Nov. 28, typhoid fever in City. Suggestions: clean privies, cut down weeds, clean stables. Keep flies away by whatever means possible.