Letter to the editor

Unjust treatment in jail


Dear Fellow Texans and U.S. Citizens,

I have been incarcerated (wrongfully) for almost six years with the great possibility of release this year! As I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran and educated in Lubbock Monterey High School in Lubbock and Texas Tech University.
I have experience and noticed actions that only serve the sole purpose of making vast profits for certain officials, select individuals and politicians in Texas. There is no attempt to rehabilitate any offenders as the management of TDCJ only wish to continue their money industry and will allow no one (including me) to stop them!
Please call or write your state senator or representatives and ask what is really going on in IDCJ.
If you have information or contacts, please send them to:
American Correctional Association
Standards and Accreditation Department
206 North Washington St., Suite 200
Alexandra, Virginia, USA 22314

Terry Lynn Smith
Teague, Texas