Welcome y’all to our Festival


Welcome to the inaugural Come and Taste It Craft Beer, Wine and Art Festival.

Sponsored by this newspaper, in conjunction with the Gonzales Main Street Program, the Come and Taste It Festival is designed to provide fun and entertainment to all local residents, returning residents, and out of town guests who have traveled to be here this weekend.

We know you will have a good time as almost everyone is excited for this new event to kick off on Friday night and then all day Saturday. Lots of fun, good food, quality wine and beer, and plenty of down home Texas hospitality are on the horizon.

We are more than happy to welcome our out of town guests, as there are plenty of hotels, B & B’s, motels, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores to service your every need. We hope you enjoy your stay, but remember there are lots of great historical things to do in the Come and Take It City, not to mention all of our museums. It is our hope that after you leave Gonzales you will tell all your friends is open for business and is a great town to visit.

We would also like to remind our residents and guests about another benefit that will hopefully derive from this inaugural festival.

Project 2030, an effort to raise money for college scholarships and hopefully an endowment down the road, is the beneficiary of any profits generated from the Come and Taste It Festival. Project 2030 very simply is this: Any child who starts school in Gonzales and then graduates 12 years later will be entitled to a scholarship at Victoria College in Gonzales. Hopefully, over the next 12 years enough money will be raised to endow the program, meaning any Gonzales student who attends Victoria College in Gonzales will have their tuition paid for. That is the goal. Your purchase of a wrist band or additional tickets will help us meet that goal.

So celebrate our community and our heritage. Have a lot of fun, and be sure to come back soon.