Letter to the Editor

What if you call 911 and EMS does not come?


When I first hit town in the 70s it was very clear that the “Good Ole’ Boy” system was alive and well in Gonzales, it didn’t matter what was done but who you were or thought you were.
“Do you know who I am?” The Russells tried to pull this crap with me, it didn’t work.
With the help of the voters I had thought that part of our dark heritage was behind us ONLY to find it’s alive and well at the management (Board of Directors) of the EMS, two people are indicted for theft from the business and the board votes (as reported in this paper) “to let Carla resign” and after the fact, months later the board votes to fire the Administrator. WOW!
AND — AND the two indicted defendants are caught going into the EMS building with the newly hired bookkeeper for EMS; (as reported in this paper) boy, oh boy, oh boy!
This is not just some isolated incident but a continuing saga of malfeasance, a so called “audit” didn’t find anything out of the ordinary (as reported in this paper), are you kidding and where is their so called legal representation and recommendations, anyone doing their job would know better.
I can only hope that each and every employee pursues every legal avenue available to them. These folks put their lives on the line EVERY time they answer a call, and this is the thanks they are given in Gonzales;
AND you might want to give this some thought, your life is also on the line.
So when you call for EMS and no one comes, CALL A BOARD MEMBER.

Gary J. Schroeder