Letter to the Editor

2019 a banner year for Lou’s Canoes


2019 at Lou's Canoes was a blast! Yes, our first full season is behind us and folks from all over left our town smiling like a butcher’s dog. We hosted folks from Washington State to New York: from California to Florida, oh yeah, and a ton of Texans from all over the state and our hometown. They all agreed that they loved our river, our town and they "will be back."

The Sisters on the Fly were awesome as they enjoyed our Gonzales hospitality and our natural resources. They agreed ,as we do, the very best natural resource in Gonzales is the people. That's what attracted Cheri Lane and I to move here. Friends and families from all over Central Texas enjoyed our backyard river. Even the carnival workers from our Come and Take It celebration now say Gonzales is their favorite stop of the year.

2020 is looking to be an even better year as word further gets out and more people start coming to our town. Our family friendly environment is a wonderful change for people that used to float in New Braunfels and San Marcos. The riverbank we inherited is continually being improved as well as the entrance into the river making access much easier. We'll also be hosting more groups this season as well as holding "team building events" for groups and corporations. Also on the 2020 agenda will be to capitalize on the notoriety that Float Fest may present and to use that to catapult Lou's Canoes and the tourists it attracts to the next level.

Lou's Canoes feels blessed to be in Gonzales, working with the city to improve our waterfront and all things pertaining to the Guadalupe River. We would like to thank the Mayor, Council Members and the City Manager for all their help and support in starting this endeavor together. For further information on floating or bait call Lou's Canoes 830-339-3066.

Lou Garino

Gonzales, Texas