Another moment in the history of Gonzales


Dear Editor,
I understand that there is a petition moving around to remove the mayor. I’m wondering, what is the motivation for such an action? Is it that she wants a code of ethics? A code of ethics is a statement of moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. In my opinion, ethics has not been an integral part of the operation of this city by some people. I am pleased to see steps being taken to correct this and restore integrity and good business practices.
A code of ethics is long overdue because we need to set a high standard for city employees as well as volunteers. I understand that some citizens disagree with parts of the code. It is certainly their right to do so, but the form in which the disagreement is presented also needs to be ethical. To my knowledge, the city has some severe problems and is working hard to resolve them. They also know that a volunteer’s value is $25.43 an hour (national standard) and they are indeed grateful whether they let us know it or not.
In research I found that one of the nearby city’s ethic code says it like this:
“…to provide a framework with which to encourage ethical behavior and enforce basic standards of conduct while providing due process that protects the rights of the complainant and the accused, and not to provide a mechanism to defame, harass or abuse political opponents, or publicize personal grudges.”
Other communities say it in other ways. Cities have a code and an ethics agreement is standard in most industries. I hate that this city has two different groups of conflicting political agendas. It is my opinion that the team we have managing the city is turning the tide from almost total financial ruin by some of previous administrations into a financially viable city.
The city is being run in a successful manner of which we have not seen in years. The budget is being managed efficiently. The reserves when the mayor took office were slim and now the reserves are strong. The water and sewer systems are being brought up to present day standards after years of mindful neglect. The police department responds rapidly. The streets are being maintained and the street sweeper comes around regularly! The parks are well groomed, and it is all done on a very tight budget. It seems like we are getting our money’s worth so, what is the problem?
To stir up trouble with fake news, outright lies, and innuendo is unethical while to work with facts and known truths is ethical. To serve the city with dedication and honesty builds a harmonious effort of growing the city for the future. I do know that a pledge to ethics gives confidence to the citizens that our government is doing the best it can. To not pledge to ethics is problematic. To be an official of the city and a volunteer serving the city, one needs to be on the side of and support the leadership.
Ann Covert, CPM
A citizen for good government