Barnicks leave mark on GHS


I take pleasure in sharing with the community of Gonzales, information about the Barnicks that deserves recognition. 

I have known Jimmie and Sylvia for more than 30 years. They never attended college, but they encouraged their children to do so and the community is better as a result.

Jimmie worked hard his entire life. He spent 47 years with GVEC, where he worked in the electrical line construction division. He is known by everyone as quite a talker and never met a stranger. If you ever meet him, you will never forget him. His wife, Sylvia, is quiet and nonassuming. She worked many years as a teachers aide with the local school system. Sylvia is not without her own accomplishments. She excelled academically in school and participated in the Miss South Texas Pageant.

What is amazing and noteworthy about the Barnick Family are the academic accomplishments of their children and grandchildren. I venture to say that no family, at least that I know of, has produced more high school Valedictorians than Jimmie and Sylvia,

The latest Barnick to achieve academic excellence is their grand daugher, Samantha, or “Sam,” as everyone knows her. Sam was named GHS 2021 Valedictorian. Sam was not only smart but a gifted athlete who excelled in every sport in which she participated. She was loved and respected by all her peers. While Sam was the latest Barnick Valedictorian, it all started with her dad, JLynn Barnick.

JLynn was the eldest of Jimmie and Sylivas children. He was named GHS Valedictorian in 1984. He attended TLU in Seguin where he excelled both academically and was on the golf team. He graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos. Today he is an educator for the GISD. His wife, Lisa Hanks Barnick, is also a TLU graduate, is a CPA and Senior Administrator for a large accounting firm.

Missy Barnick, the Barnick’s second child, was GHS Valedictorian in 1985. She graduated from TLU and later received a PhD from Louisiana State University. She is a stay-at-home mom working on her teacher certification.

Tommy Barnick was their third child. He chose not to attend college, but was in the academic Top-10 percent of his class. He was also an outstanding athlete. His daughter, Molly, would not let the Barnick tradition end. She was named GHS Valedictorian in 2016. She is a Benefits Specialist for Vision Works in Universal City.

Mandy Barnick, their fourth child, was named GHS Valedictorian in 2000. She was a TLU graduate and is a teacher of the gifted and talented at GISD.

The Barnick name is synonymous with Valedictorian and is reminiscent of the Hank Williams Jr, song, “it’s a Family Tradition.” I believe this bunch is truly “A Family of Smarts.”


John W, Davis

Gonzales, Texas