Letter to the Editor

Clarification on Pilgrim Opry story


Just to clarify a few things about the article on the Pilgrim Opry in Feb. 13 paper. My family, the McGinty family, did begin the Pilgrim Opry. Harold, James and Bryan Irvin, Bobby and Beverly Matocha and I were the ones who wanted to try to get it together. Connie Miller, Erlene Montgomery and I usually did the cooking at my house, sometimes with help from Beverly Matocha. We did this for 11 years. Many ladies made cakes for dessert over the years. Barbara Quinney, Cherry Hill, and others helped serve, and Bubba and Gloria Ruddock filled in the roster with anything we needed done. Dawlean Richardson pitched in also. Plowman Whiddon and his group usually fried fish for one of the meals during the year, and he and Doyle Hines helped in many other ways. The Irvin brothers and Bobby Matocha barbequed for many of the meals also. The original band members were: Robert Remschel, Bill McGinty, Jack Finch, Winston and Wendell O’Neal, and Jim McWhorter (or McWhirter) from Luling. Tickets and other chores were overseen by Pauline and Frances, sisters of the Whitehead family. Over the years there were many who helped out and I am probably forgetting some- my apologies if I did - but it was very much a joint effort. I have been out of the Opry operations for over 10 years now, and my memory is getting a little fuzzy, but I do know that Plowman and Mary Jane Whiddon have taken on the chore of keeping the Opry going (with others), and are doing an admirable job of it. Hopefully it will continue for many years. The idea was to bring some social opportunities to the rural areas – a little visiting, catching up and a whole lot of music. I’d say – mission accomplished!

Sandra Wolff