Commissioners revise and discuss county radio agreements


The Gonzales Commissioners Court got together Monday, June 13, and had to make adjustments in a previous agenda item that was discussed in their last meeting.

The item was in regards to the purchase of the dual-band mobile and portable radios using the funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. Gonzales County Judge Patrick Davis said it’s an ongoing deal, but they found out after the last meeting that they can’t do interlocal agreements with 501(c)(3) organizations — for example, the volunteer fire departments.

The commissioners voted 4-0 on the revised interlocal agreement.

Commissioner Kevin La Fleur discussed the approved revised interlocal agreement and asked about what is the county going to do with the old one.

Davis said the county attorney told him since it was a violation of law, it was now void.

La Fleur said there should’ve been action item for the revision.

The commissioners approved to move and discuss more about the interlocal agreement Tuesday, June 21.

In other court business, the commissioners approved the following agenda items.

• approved to proclaim the month of June as Elder Abuse Awareness for the Adult Protective Services.

• approved of an exception to the Gonzales County Subdivision rules—Precinct 1.

• approved of the preliminary plat for Casa Verde Subdivision – Precinct 3.

• approved the execution contract change order No. 4 for the Gonzales County road rehabilitation program (package 1 with ABN Construction, LLC.

• approved agreement for payment of education expenses for cadet training program sheriff’s office.

• approved application packet for the LESO (Law Enforcement Support Office) Program-Sheriff’s Office.

• approved the interlocal cooperation contract between Texas Department of Public Safety and Gonzales County regarding office space.

• approved the application for permit to lay temporary water line in Gonzales County road right-of-way.