Letter to the Editor

Community coming together for greater good


I found out that a local restaurant offered lunch at no cost to every employee of the GISD last week. They didn’t hang a banner or shout it from the rooftops, they simply wanted to do something nice for all the people who work hard to make our children’s lives better.

In addition, a local boutique offered half off everything in their entire store to teachers to help prepare them to look their best for that all important first day back to school.

There are many businesses who also stepped up last week and throughout the summer to help GISD get the proper footing and be prepared for this school year. I can think of businesses who stuffed the bus, other organizations who held back pack giveaways, a local hair salon gave free haircuts. When the school community needs something the rest of the community extends a hand. I’m a little misty eyed over the generosity, though I have a vested interest, my husband is the Academic Dean at the high school and I have a new sophomore who were amongst those who entered Gonzales High School yesterday.

I pray the community continues to care so deeply about our school district, our teachers, our kids. I pray the school year goes off without a hitch, the sports teams rally, the lunch ladies get the respect they deserve. Before we know it, we’ll be hearing those words oft said in mid-July, “mom, I’m bored” I pray we get to that time safely, in community and fellowship with each other.

Kelly A. Lindner