Letter to the editor

Community deserves answers on board appointments


Recent discussions have brought both questions and dismay! I, like many others, reside outside of the city limits and therefore, am not represented by a councilman.

I am writing this Letter to the Editor with hopes of clarification from our city councilmen and elected mayor.

  • The EDC Board recommended the appointment of Clint Hille to the Board. Why the council ignore said recommendation and appoint Mayor Kacir? Is there not a conflict of interest here?
  • Why was Sandra Mauldin not reinstated to a board she was instrumental in creating? Further, why was she replaced with councilman Blakemore’s wife? Again, is there not a conflict of interest here?
  • Suzanne Zaitz has done an outstanding job on the Main Street Board! Why was her application denied?

It seems as if many towns are in need of volunteers while Gonzales is disposing of them rapidly!

I look forward to a public response as this community deserves an answer.

Warmest regards

Sandy Logan Henrichs