County reports 15 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday


Interrupting a short decline in the rate of coronavirus cases reported in Gonzales county, a crop of 15 new cases was reported on Wednesday.

These newly reported cases of coronavirus raise the total number in the county to 718 and the number of active cases to 41. The number of recovered cases, based on the time-driven estimate used by the Department of State Health Service, is 669. So far, eight deaths have been reported in the county.

Hospitalizations in Trauma Service Area P, which includes Gonzales, have decreased to 846. Of these, 304 are in Intensive Care Unit beds, and 533 are in general beds.

Statewide, cases of coronavirus are also slowly declining, with 6,200 cases reported Wednesday. No death certificates for fatalities have been filed yet with Wednesday or Tuesday’s date. It is now estimated by the DSHS that there are 17.8 infected persons per 1,000 Texans.