Dance studio, dog adoption group host pet meet and greet


In an effort to get the word out about dog adoptions, Gonzales Dog Adoptions is partnering with Come and Take It Dance Studio and hosting “Dog Days of Summer Meet and Greet.”

The event will be on Sunday, Aug. 14 and will be indoors at Come and Take It Dance Studio.

“We do want to give back into to the community,” said Gonzales Dog Adoption correspondent Victoria Sourbeck.  “I hope it raises the awareness that we’re here and bring awareness to the stray dogs that are in Gonzales. Let’s get some pups adopted!”

In 2021, Gonzales Dog Adoption had nearly 500 dogs come through their doors, according to their data. Of those intakes, 36 were adopted and 48 were reunited. The need for dog adoptions is quite strong as 2021 was one of the worst years for Gonzales Dog Adoptions, and the aftermath of the pandemic may have affected this.

“2021 was the worst,” said Gonzales Dog Adoption owner Keiko McCormick. “The pandemic in 2020, we ended up emptying out. Everybody wanted to adopt, then summer 2021 happened and people had to go back to work and they dropped their dogs here.”

Seven dogs had to be euthanized in 2021. 

“Very rarely do we euthanize a dog that’s too aggressive for us to handle. But, unfortunately, it does happen,” Sourbeck said. 

So far, there are a list of eight dogs that will be in attendance. However, with the help of Gonzales Dog Adoption, there may be more in attendance.

“Hopefully we do more than that (8), but it all depends on the dog and their compatibility,” Victoria said. “We’ll have all the dogs listed and their names.”  

Meeting potential furry friends for the household isn’t the only thing that will be available at this event.

“This upcoming event, we’ve invited some local vendors around the community to set up shop,” Sourbeck said. “People can shop and check out some dogs as well.”

 Gonzales County is currently under extreme heat warnings. As a result, this is the first time the dance studio is hosting this event in an indoor venue.

“When it’s outdoors and it’s hot, people will want to walk through quickly and they might miss the dog of their dreams,” said Gary Franco, ballet teacher.

Gonzales Dog Adoption does plan on setting up a Christmas event entitled Santa Paws, which will take place on Dec.11.

“What we do is we bring in Santa, and you can bring pets, children, and yourself,” Sourbeck said. “We once had someone bring a baby wallaby so any pets are welcome, not just dog.”