Letter to the editor

Disappointed in actions of local paper


To the editor,

I am thankful as an American Citizen that I can continue to have freedom of speech and the right to accept or oppose what I read in the local Inquirer or any other publication without prejudice.

I have been reading Mr. Clint Lowery’s article for over 30 years. I have always admitted and respected his courage to stand up for righteousness and God’s Word. This is a necessity in my life as a Christian.

If we continue to deny, compromise and avoid truth the word of God we will continue down the road of self destruction.

I am not offended by public prayer or a display of the Ten Commandments. If this paper is going to sensor spiritual articles, I think it should have censored the recent article about one of our City Councilmen being charged. The vivid details that appeared on the front page of the paper should have been spoken behind closed doors at a hearing. This has caused his person much pain and anguish. I still believe in the old fashion way a person is innocent until proven guilty.

God Bless our beautiful City of Gonzales. God’s Will Be Done!

Randall Sweeney

Saturn, Texas