Letter to the Editor

Elected officials need to be held accountable


In regards to last week’s letter to the editor - I offer the following. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of their zip code. Mr. Lawrence stated the obvious - I do not reside within the city limits of Gonzales. In fact, he basically reiterated what Mayor Connie Kacir advised months ago - I am “not a citizen”. However, neither is our city manager. Tim Patek resides in Seguin, a clear violation of the Charter. Does his opinion matter? 

Just because one is not a resident of the city does not mean they don’t have an interest in the town. Many of our local businesses are owned and operated by individuals that reside outside our city’s limits. These individuals not only have a vested interest in our community, but they help bring revenue to town - does their opinion matter?

It seems that those wanting to hold our elected officials accountable may be unsettling for a few. The fact remains, it’s time they be held accountable.

There is currently a Petition for Recall circulating. This petition has been prepared with hopes of having Mayor Connie Kacir recalled. If you are interested in signing such a document, or would like more information concerning this movement, please let me know, or contact Donald Page at the Alcalde Hotel, 830-519-4500.

Warmest regards, 

Valorie Daniel

A non-citizen in Cost, Texas