Elections Have Consequences



Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter as a concerned citizen. I live in District 4 and am worried about the ever increasing price of living and endless regulations in my city.

My taxes have been raised three years in a row. I also got a bunch of city ordinances designed to allow agents of the city access onto my property to raise revenue from fines of so called violations.

I also ended up with an Amended Charter that gave the council the authority to raise my taxes without my vote and an almost impossible system to hold the council accountable.

We can also never allow the closing of Victoria College a school that’s helped so many people succeed in our community – a move someone in the city thought was a way to save money.

I also learned that the city manager, city secretary, and tourism director just got raises. In my opinion at a time when we’re asking our city employees to cut their work days to four-days a week how could the people leading the city allow these taxpayer-funded raises to occur?

If the small-town city employee has to sacrifice shouldn’t the leadership lead by example?

To top it off, I see Independence Park got a seal coat job and streets are being dug up downtown for city improvements two months before an election: what a coincidence.

Citizens of our town that want to volunteer to serve our city shouldn’t be muzzled by an ethics code designed to take away your 1st Amendment right. Imagine if instead of the city council wanting your freedom of speech they wanted your gun. The 1st amendment is just as important as the 2nd.

Citizens of Gonzales need to understand what's at stake in our community and wake up before it's too late.

In the meantime taxes will be raised a fourth year in a row. Property owners will not be able to collect rent during the pandemic at a time our city officials are raising property taxes. Think about that citizens, if you own a rental property you won't be able to collect money from tenants but, your local government will still be able to tax you.

I love my hometown and believe the leadership should reflect the community it serves.

I voted for representation not to be ruled over.