ESD provided merger updates


Gonzales County Emergency Services District No. 1 (ESD) Executive Director Eddie Callendar Jr. briefed the board on a few items related the group’s ongoing merger with the Gonzales County Emergency Medical Services and Rescue (EMS.) 

Callender Jr. said as of the meeting on Aug. 15, the provider license application has been mailed in to the Texas Department of State Health Services. The ESD has not heard back from the state regarding the application yet. Callender Jr. said he was told the state is “running way behind” on reviewing applications. 

Even once the ESD is officially a licensed emergency medical service provider, the EMS—and EMS board—will remain intact. The EMS board will remain active until all EMS debts have been paid off. 

The ESD has also officially secured a lease on the former EMS building. The building will include a new sign and mailbox. 

Other news from the meeting: 

  • Minutes from the July 18 and Aug. 8 meetings were approved.
  • Financial statements were accepted, and bills were paid.
  • EMS July activity reports and financials were read and accepted. 
  • The next EMS board meeting is set for Sept. 17, 2019 at 2 p.m.
  • Callender Jr. proposed purchasing another electric stretcher to the ESD board, but the board left the decision to the discretion of the EMS.