Letter to the Editor

Faith, family, freedom in decline?


Faith, Family, Freedom — are they all in decline? Is there concern for the foundations of America? Are we concerned what our children are being taught? I hear concerns that all the college professors are socialists. Just what is happening in in schools across America?
Mark your calendar for Aug. 15, 7 p.m., Faith Family Church (Connection Center), 2002 Mockingbird Lane, Victoria to hear an excellent presentation called Rescuing Our Children and Our Nation, sponsored by the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society was founded over 60 years ago for the purpose of saving America for the values the founders had envisioned.
Nowhere in the Constitution is anything about education. Remember Ronald Reagan talked about eliminating the Department of Education. So now why do we have open socialists running for president?
Are you concerned about New World Order or world government? Come Aug. 15 to Faith Family Church. God bless America.

Obert Sagebiel