Festival benefits Project 2030


One of the major reasons for putting on the Craft Beer and Wine Festival is Project 2030, a program designed to raise scholarship money for Gonzales High School graduates at Victoria College’s Gonzales Center Campus.

The idea was the brainchild of Bob Burchard but was implemented and put together by the publisher of the Gonzales Inquirer. The idea of the scholarship program was simple. All students who started their elementary education in Gonzales in the fall of 2018 would be on target to graduate in the year 2030. Burchard felt there was a problem with the high dropout rate in the school system and thought there had to be other incentives in place to try and keep kids in school and on track for a better life and education. So, Burchard mused, why not create a scholarship program that looked towards creating an endowed fund that said and promised: “If you graduate from Gonzales High School, there will be money available to help you go to college and learn a trade or get a degree.”

The publisher of the newspaper, Terry Fitzwater, liked the idea and immediately set out to make that work with Victoria College. Before the inaugural event was announced last year, the system was in place to create Project 2030. The Victoria College Foundation and the Gonzales Center were all in on the project, and last year over a thousand dollars was donated to the fund.

Proceeds from the 2nd annual festival will be added to Project 2030 in 2019.