From Nixon to Anchorage and back

New Nixon city secretary happy to be home


New Nixon City Secretary Deborah Bustamente is happy to be back in the place she calls home. Born and raised in Nixon, Bustamente graduated from Nixon High School—when it was still called Nixon High School—in 1978 and attended Corpus Christi State Univeristy, now know as Texas A&M Corpus Christi, to study criminal justice. Following graduation from college, Bustamente returned to the area to teach and coach in Smiley. Later, she would enter the government world, serving as a probation officer for the 24th Judicial District.

For the past 15 years of her life, Bustamente has lived in Alaska. She was initially brought to Alaska because of her sister.

“My number two sister adopted a little boy from Guatemala, and she needed help, so I told her I would help,” Bustamente said. “That sweet young man graduated from high school and is a freshman at the University of California, so my services are no longer needed.”

That empty nest, coupled with the city secretary opening, provided all Bustamente needed to come back home. Bustamente took over as Nixon city secretary in December and has attempted to absorb as much information on the job as she can.

“It has been a lot of fun,” she said of the new gig. “I’m always busy, something new, never a dull moment. You don’t sit and do nothing, there’s always three-or-four things going on and if there isn’t, there’s something wrong.”

“I am still going through the city council meetings, I am in 2018,” Bustamente continued. “You know, when you come into an office, everybody likes things the way that they like them and I’m still touching on the files and getting to know where everything is and how to do things how this community wants things done. Not to shake the tree, but to make it fruitful.”

If there is one thing she has struggled with, it’s becoming reacclimated to the Texas weather. Bustamente said she is trying to prep for the Texas summer, while also enjoying the more temperate Texas winter.

“The weather has been quite interesting,” she added. “It gets hot here.”

Bustamente has lofty goals set for herself while in the position claiming she would like to see Nixon continue to grow and develop new events for the community. She also heaped praise upon her coworkers for the work they do.

“I’m excited to work here and I work for really fine, honest, hardworking people,” Bustamente said. “My city manager—I’m just impressed with his energy—I think the community thinks he’s like very young, but he is excellent, and I appreciate him. The young ladies that work up front impress me every day.”