Gonzales clinics allocated doses of COVID-19 vaccine


In the first rollout of the Pfizer and Bio N Tech COVID-19 vaccines, rural hospitals and clinics in Texas were left out of the Week 1 allocation list.

The Week 2 allocation list names two clinics in Gonzales which are receiving the Moderna vaccine: Sievers Clinic and the H-E-B Pharmacy.

Previously, Gonzales Healthcare Systems Marketing Director Holly Danz told the Inquirer that the GHS was unable to store the Pfizer vaccine, which is why they did not receive it.

These vaccines will not immediately be available to the public from Sievers, as GHS is following state recommendations.

“If and when we receive the vaccine, we will follow the guidelines put in place by the state as to who it should be administered to,” Danz wrote in an email. “Once we can offer to the public, we will make that announcement as well.”

A statement from H-E-B Senior Director of Pharmacy also said the company would be following the Centers for Disease Control-recommended vaccine distribution schedule. Both state and CDC guidelines show that the vaccine will not be made available to the public until 2021.

The vaccines received by these clinics will likely first be distributed to healthcare workers and long term care facility residents as part of the Phase 1a plan, according to the CDC.