Gonzales County Sheriff Robert Ynclan dies


Gonzales County Sheriff Robert Ynclan lost his battle against COVID-19, succumbing to the illness on Sunday, Sept. 5. He was 63.

Yncla had been in an Austin hospital since last month. Friends, colleagues and other elected officials began sharing word of his death on Facebook late Sunday afternoon.

Ynclan was sworn in as the Gonzales County Sheriff in January after winning election in November 2020. As a Republican candidate, he defeated Democratic candidate Floyd Tolliver. Ynclan had retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety in 2019 after 35 years as a state trooper to seek the sheriff’s position.

“I truly believe that my purpose in life was to be a lawman,” Ynclan told the Inquirer during last year’s sheriff’s race. “In my 35 years of working for DPS I have enjoyed serving and protecting the citizens of this State and Gonzales County. I feel my work is not done yet and would like to continue my service to the citizens of Gonzales County as Sheriff!”

Ynclan said at the time he believed the sheriff’s most important duty was “to keep the peace and enforce the laws while securing the county citizens of their lives, property and possessions.”

“Trust is the most important issue,” he added. “Trust in law enforcement to enforce our constitution to be just and fair to all. Also trust in the candidate to do what he promises to do and never forget he works for the people.”

Ynclan’s plans upon taking office were to have training for all in his department while “making officers proactive and strategizing locations of patrol deputies so that our response times are faster on the 911 emergency phone calls.

“We will not tolerate any lawlessness, combat the drugs and ensure our citizens and their properties are safe. We will work together with our partners in the City, County, State and Federal level to achieve this goal!” Ynclan said. “I will support our local organizations, uphold the 2nd amendment and comply with child custody cases. I will host various community events and execute crime prevention. I will work with our Commissioners to be fiscally conservative with the respect that it is our taxpayers money. As Sheriff I will be transparent and listen to the concerns of the citizens of Gonzales County.”

Prior to being a DPS trooper, Ynclan had worked for four years for La Salle County, having served two years as chief deputy.

He and his wife had been married for 31 years prior to his passing and together they had three children and two grandchildren.

Ynclan graduated from DPS school in 1984. and held a master peace officer license as well as numerous certifications.