Gonzales ISD talks strategic change


In his second school board meeting as the Gonzales ISD superintendent, Dr. Elmer Avellaneda continued to learn and listen to district needs on Monday, July 11.

The Gonzales ISD school board invited Dr. Nancy Rindone of the Schlechty Center via a Zoom meeting and went over the strategic change process.

Avellaneda explained why having this process can bring the community together.

“This is an area where as a group and as a community we're going to have to revolve around and start running with a strategic change process… the new five year vision for the district it starts today,” Avellaneda said.

The Schlechty Center is a non-profit organization that works with school boards to classrooms with a focus on student engagement, Rindone said.

The program’s “strategic change agenda” processes differently than a normal traditional strategic plan.

Rindone went over the process with the board, from the discovery process, capacity audit, extended discovery and focus conversation.

“We have to have alignment not only with our school community, but also our community [in Gonzales]. I think this gives us an opportunity to align everybody to the goals that we as a district want to meet and want to reach,” Avellaneda said.

Avellaneda included all the departments in the mix from the technology, curriculum, instruction department, and human resources department and many more.

“If we can get it organized to where everybody knows our mission, our vision, our core values as a district, we have a shot of being very successful,” Avellaneda said.

In other business, earlier the board approved the following agenda items:

• approved the teachers’ appraisal calendar for the 2022-2023 school year.

• approved an interlocal agreement with Waelder ISD for transportation services.