Letter to the editor

Great leaders tell the truth to build trust


On April 2, 2020, Councilman Tommy Shurig made an unjustifiable post on social media wherein he spoke of a homeless individual sleeping in front of a business located in historic downtown Gonzales, Texas. He later attempted to explain and justify his post noting he knew there was not a homeless man anywhere near the location he referenced when he made his erroneous post, but concocted it as he "wanted to see what the reactions would be."

It is during times like these we need our leaders to be just that – leaders! I am curious as to what the City of Gonzales and/or City Council has done or plans to do in response to the misinformation intentionally put out there. It is the opinion of many in our community that Mr. Schurig's comment was made in an attempt to not only cause personal despair to the business owner herself, but also, negatively impact her business itself. 

In a separate and unrelated comment, again on social media, Councilman Tommy Schurig said his "First Amendment has been revoked." This comment is concerning as many citizens in District 2 of Gonzales rely on Mr. Schurig to be their voice of reason. Was this comment yet another fictitious statement or has he truly lost this constitutional right? 

Tommy Schurig's unwarranted post on social media violated numerous portions of our City's Charter as it relates to the recently adopted Code of Ethics and Conduct for City Officials and Employees. One would assume a councilman himself should be, and would be, held to the Code of Ethics he himself assisted in creating and implementing. 

Although I have reached out to both the City of Gonzales and Councilman Schurig for clarification of not only his contentious comments, but for clarification on how this matter was or will be addressed, I have again been left without answers. Although transparency and accountability is often sought, it is at times not allocated. 

Stay well my friends,

Valorie Daniel

Cost, Texas