Hate is ugly; Love is stronger emotion


Dear Editor:

(In regards to Opinion page of The Inquirer on June 10, 2021)

Hate is ‘Negative Labeling’ of another human being, and is a worldwide, out-of-control contagious cancer...

Nothing good ever comes from hating another human being.

Nothing comes from nothing –

Nothing ever could.

Hate begins in an uncaring, abusive, and unloving home, and in schools where mis-guided educators indoctrinate, and brainwash our youth.

When a child is around constant hate at home, and at school – their innocent ‘spirit’ is ‘broken’ beyond repair as they grow into adulthood.

Soon, they begin to hate themselves, as well, as the whole human race as they travel down the path of self-destruction.

When hate spreads like a contagious cancer – violence, and misery, adds intoxicating fuel to the glowing fire around the world, that sooner or later, will lead us all to a dead end, and the demise of humanity.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste spending a lifetime on hating fellow human beings of all races.

Fight, not for more hate in the world, but rather, for more love, and peace - to encompass the globe.

Hate is Ugly.

Love, by far, is still the strongest emotion.

Rick Sulik

Shiner, Texas