Inquirer adds sales rep to staff


The Gonzales Inquirer has announced a new hire to its staff.

Sabrina Roberts has been named a sales representative for the Inquirer, joining fellow sales rep Susie Bernd and Editor & Publisher Terry Fitzwater as part of the sales team.

“I’m pleased that we were able to bring Sabrina on board,” Fitzwater said. “She brings years of sales experience, has great people skills, she’s friendly, she’ll fit in well with the people of Gonzales in the business community and she will make sure that we help them with their business in anything that they want to do.”

Born and raised in Moultrie, Ga., Roberts graduated Glasscock County High School in Gibson, Ga. and eventually made her way to Texas.

“Life experiences, you know, just had to change it up,” she said of the move to Gonzales.

After a few weeks on the job, Roberts has noticed that her willingness to learn everything about her new environment has led to great conversations with prospective clients.

“Because I’m not from here, it’s very interesting because I don’t know any [prior information on businesses],” she explained. “For someone that’s been here their whole life, they’re like ‘oh I know about that business.’ Me? I’ve never even been in here. Tell me. Tell me everything!”

Roberts wants to make sure any potential advertiser she meets understands that she wants nothing but success for their businesses.

“I want them to know that I am as interested in their business as they are,” she said. “They’re interested because it’s theirs. I’m interested because it’s all new to me. It’s like being in a whole other world. It’s pretty cool.”

Roberts added that she’s most excited in meeting people and getting to know the communities of Gonzales County as well as Luling and Shiner.

Contact Sabrina Roberts for any advertising needs at the Inquirer office at 830-672-2861 or email her at