Inquirer seeks 12 local pastors for 2021 faith project


As we enter the new year, The Inquirer would like to take a new approach to its weekly Faith Page. The Inquirer is seeking 12 pastors from Gonzales County to each volunteer to take one month of the year to write a series of messages on a theme or topic.

Any local clergy will be considered. There are no requirements for degrees, training, tenure, etc.

Each week’s submission should be 450 words in length. Some months will require four columns, others will require five (April, July, September, December). Submissions will be due the last Monday of the month prior to publication (example: February’s author should have his/her work turned in the final Monday in January).

To be considered for a month, please email

Please include your:

• name


• phone number

• preferred month

• a short summary regarding your theme or topic