Junior high scorecard


GJHS 8A wins after ‘best team effort’

The 8th grade "A" Lady Apaches won against Pleasanton by a score of 25-21. This was the team’s best effort on the season and the girls played great defensively, according to coaches. “This was their fifth game in five days and to compete like they did was amazing,” according to the coach’s report. “The girls were challenged to increase the intensity and they did not disappoint. It was fun to watch them play with grit and we are very proud of them.” The team was led in scoring by Jamiya Eleby with 11 points, and seven of the girls chipped in offensively.

GJHS 7A team knocks off Pleasanton

The 7th grade Lady Apache A team defeated Pleasanton 29-18. Leading scorer was Bella Aguero with 11 points, Sandra Colchado scored 10 points, Kilee Schwausch scored six points and Skcarlet Cerda scored two points.

GJHS 7A, 7B teams lose to Pleasanton

The Gonzales boys 7th grade "B team" lost to Pleasanton earlier this week. Stephen Cabrera scored two points, Zane Whitehead scored two points, Landon Lindstedt scored one point and River Vankirk scored one point.

The Gonzales boys 7th grade "A team" also lost to Pleasanton. Isaac Gonzales scored six points, Calvin Collier scored six points, Jzyah Melancon scored four points and Blaine Taylor, Gavin Lekgega, and Dylan Hunt each scored two points.

GJHS 8B loses close to Pleasanton

On Monday, Jan. 13, the Gonzales Lady Apache 8th Grade B Team basketball played a hard-fought game and was defeated in the last 46 seconds by Pleasanton with a score of 34-32. Kelly Breitschopf lead the board with 14 points, Sam Baker scored eight points, Kassandra Mendez scored four points, and Christie Reyna, Greta Lekgega, and Cheyenne Hutton had two points each. The team is now 3-4 in season play.

GJHS 7th grade Lady Apaches place 2nd in Schulenburg tournament

The 7th grade Lady Apache basketball team placed second in the Schulenberg tourney this past Saturday. The Lady Apaches won their first game against LaGrange 20-10. Bella Aguero scored nine points, Kilee Schwausch scored seven points, and Sandra Colchado scored four points. They defeated Shiner in the next game 23-17, placing them first in their pool. Bella scored three points, Kilee scored six points, Karyma Lorea scored four points, Sandra scored six points and Jesslyn Vigil scored four points. The Lady Apaches lost in the final game against Brazos 44-32. Bella scored 20 points, Kilee scored eight points, and Karyme scored four points.

GHJS 8th grade Lady Apaches win big

The 8th grade Lady Apaches won on Saturday against Brazos, 45-22. Jamiya Eleby led all scorers with a season high 23 points. Tara Lester also had double digits with 12 points.

GJHS 7th grade Lady Apaches lose to La Vernia

The 7th grade Lady Apaches lost against La Vernia 24-16. Sandra Colchado scored three points and Bella Aguero scored 13 points. Defensive player of the game was Karyme Loera.

GJHS 7th grade Apaches lose to La Vernia

The Gonzales 7th grade boys basketball "B Team" lost to La Vernia. Dylan Gonzales and Jaydon Lampkin each had three points.

The Gonzales7th grade boys basketball "A Team" lost to La Vernia. Jzyah Melancon was leading scorer with nine points. Gavin Lekgega and Jermane Upshaw each had four points. Calvin Collier and Dylan Hunt each had three points.

GJHS 8B Lady Apaches drop to 2-3

On Thursday, Jan. 9, the Gonzales Lady Apaches 8th Grade B Team basketball played a tough game and was unfortunately defeated by La Vernia with a score of 41-17, according to coaches. Kelly Breitschopf and Christie Reyna were the top scorers with six points each, while Sam Baker and Kassandra Mendez had two points each. The team is now 2-3 in season play.