Kacir, Blakemore appointed to station subcommittee


Gonzales now has its council representatives for a subcommittee to study the feasibility of a new joint multipurpose emergency services facility.

The Gonzales City Council appointed Mayor Connie Kacir and District 4 Councilman Dan Blakemore Nov. 14 to serve on a subcommittee to develop a scope of work for the potential project. Initially mentioned during council’s most recent budgeting process, the project began as a new fire station, but the building may also include space for other municipal services. The project was added to the city’s 2021-22 capital improvement plan and is projected to cost $2 million.

The subcommittee does not have power to expend funds or to bind the city to any commitment without approval of the council.

Kacir and Blakemore join City Manager Tim Patek and/or his designees on the subcommittee. The subcommittee has approval to work with all political subdivisions, emergency service providers and first responders. The Gonzales County Emergency Services District No. 1 board appointed Dr. Commie Hisey at its Oct.17 meeting to serve as its representative during discussions.