Local business announces structure change


There’s a hidden gem that’s been operating in Gonzales for more than 20 years — first as Rene de la Garza Permit Services and now under its current name, Texas Land & Right of Way, LLC or TXROW (pronounced Tex-row).

TXROW has been providing an invaluable professional service to utility providers and municipalities by helping to provide needed water and power to our families, friends, and neighbors all around the great state of Texas.

TXROW has certifications which include Historically Underutilized Business, Emerging Small Business Enterprise, Hispanic American Business Enterprise as well as many others. Their core experience includes the acquisition of property, right of way easements and water rights.

Balancing conservation, ecology, and the necessity of growth, their high standard of success is upheld by a team of dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds in oil and gas, public utilities, real estate, civic planning, construction, and finance. They approach each project knowing that landowners are the most crucial component and key to their continued success.

Being aware of the ever-changing cultural and rural environment is vital to understanding each landowner’s involvement and attachment to their land. TXROW has positioned themselves to balance the growing needs of utility companies and towns with the long-held legacies of land which in many cases represents the rich history of each family.

As president of TXROW, Rene de la Garza brought Rob Brown on board with the company in 2017 in order to begin a process of building the business by applying the business experience Rob had developed in his years in the corporate world into the processes involved in TXROW’s day to day operations. Rob and Rene, working together, increased the average annual revenue of the company by more than threefold in as many years.

During this time a five-year plan was developed that would include expansion of TXROW’s services geographically across the state of Texas. By the spring of 2021, it became obvious that the growth of TXROW had been faster than anticipated. The timeline was accelerated, and Brown relocated to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex to open another TXROW location, Texas Land & Right of Way North.

Plans are currently being developed to expand into the Rio Grande Valley as well. Obviously, the growth of the company has necessitated a change of business structure. That being said, Rob Brown has been named president of the TXROW corporation, while Rene de la Garza continues serving as CEO of Texas Land & Right of Way LLC.

We want to wish TXROW luck in their representation of Gonzales, the Come and Take It spirit, and continued growth across the state.