Looks like time is winning the race


Time is elusive.

We spend so much time keeping track of it that often time we don’t plan for it. We fritter it away by doing mindless things that have no meaning or impact and then look back and mutter “My gosh! How fast time is flying! Where did all the time go?”

Been there. Done that. And I’m doing it again.

For weeks before the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I was counting down the days until I got on a plane and flew to Miami to spend time in South Beach, Islamorada and Key West. Before you knew it, the vacation was upon me and off I went to spend six days without any real itinerary in southern Florida. Then just like that, it was over. The time had flown by, and I realized at the end of the trip that I really had not planned anything substantial. I wanted to go to the Dry Tortugas—but did not. I wanted to go to Latitudes restaurant and watch the awesome sunset—but I did not. I wanted to go deep sea fishing—but I did not. I frittered my days away checking out new places and driving endlessly through the Keys. I enjoyed everything I did while I was there, but looking back in retrospect, the things I wanted to do most I did not do. I wasted time. I wasted the opportunity.

Now, I find myself looking at the pages of the January calendar. It’s early in the month, but already the pages are filled with things to do. Some of them are fun, and some of them are work-related. Regardless, my weekends are no longer mine.

This weekend, one of the great fundraisers of the year is taking place at J.B. Wells. On Saturday night, Jan. 11, it’s the Go Texan Fundraiser and I will be there to cover for it for the newspaper (it helps that I am getting a fabulous ribeye dinner too!). It is an important event for our community, and it is one of the fun events of the year. A lot of the people I have not seen in the past few months because of the holidays will be in attendance, and I’m sure we will all relate our holiday adventures, foibles and misadventures. The conversation will be good and there will be lots of laughter.

But one of the things I like the most is the great auction they have and the wonderful items they have on display for bidding. They always get into my wallet for something, and I am looking forward to Saturday night Jan. 11.

Things do not slow down the next week as it is off to Galveston for the annual Texas Press Association newspaper convention. I did not go to last year’s convention, but this year I received a notice from the TPA Executive Director the Gonzales Inquirer had won at least one first place award in the Better Newspaper contest. Hence, I am going. In addition to being curious as to what our peers awarded us a 1st Place Plaque for, it will be a great opportunity for me to mingle with and network with fellow publishers and journalists to see what everyone else is doing and what new things are out in the marketplace. There goes Jan. 16-19. The third weekend of January is gone.

The final weekend of the month of January has another great community event scheduled for Saturday night, Jan. 25. It is the night of the annual Gonzales ISD Foundation Casino Night, and it is one of the nights I have come to look forward to since I moved here. Not only do I get to gamble and talk smack with my fellow casino players, but I also get to see and hear the great things the foundation is doing for teachers and students in our community. The money raised on this night helps buy teachers and their classrooms vital supplies. In many cases, the money raised upgrades classroom equipment and technology necessary to provide the proper and advanced elements of teaching and education our children deserve. I salute the foundation for what they do, and the newspaper is a proud sponsor of this event. We will have a table full of, um, enthusiastic revelers wanting to gamble and bid on various packages. It is a fun night, and I encourage anyone who does not have a ticket to get theirs right away.

Now wait a minute: if time and tide wait for no man, what just happened to my January? Every weekend is booked solid! That means no side trips to Austin or San Antonio. No museum adventures. No trips to Fredericksburg or Luckenbach.

Then, here comes February, Ground Hog Day and Valentine’s Day. Oh, then there is the Gonzales Chamber of Commerce annual banquet which is also a lot of fun. Time is elusive and is getting away from me. Again.

Come on Time. Looks like you’re winning the race.